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Why online payroll is easy & cost-effective

By SmartPayroll | June 7, 2013

We’ve been making the payroll process so easy for Kiwis.  Our customers love the simplicity of SmartPayroll’s online payroll interface:

We have used SmartPayroll for our clients for over two years. Once set up, the system is very user friendly; whether it’s paying the wages, or amending employee details. The Payroll process can be completed within a few minutes.

Gray Rawson | River Haven Accountancy Services Ltd, Accountants, Hamilton

It’s easier than payroll software

When you use a payroll software program you can often find yourself dealing with:

  • computer/software outages that cause serious problems for the pay run; delayed pay means unhappy employees!
  • spending time updating the software when new versions are released, hoping your system still supports it.
  • worrying about the security of payroll information stored on your local network.

SmartPayroll was developed with these concerns in mind. What makes us great is that everything is kept ‘on the cloud’ with a fully-secure, reliable system powered by Datacom (leaders in New Zealand IT services).

Don’t rely on your office’s computers always working – SmartPayroll lets you pay staff anywhere with access to an internet browser. That’s why so many Kiwis have signed up to our incredible online payroll service.

It’s more cost-effective than payroll software

Using SmartPayroll cuts down the time spent processing pay – big time. Once you sign up and start using our system, we’ll automatically take care of all PAYE requirements, payslip distribution, and payments from your elected bank account.

Payroll Software can attract a huge upfront cost with limited functionality, a clunky interface and hopeless customer support.

SmartPayroll’s friendly team is always available by phone or email to help you with any part of the process. Our pricing offers great value with no hidden costs. And best of all, you can cancel instantly at any time!

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