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System Updates – Reporting enhancements

By SmartPayroll | August 13, 2009

The latest SmartPayroll updates include:

  1.  Department Costing Report – A new improved look to the Department Costing Report.  This is the first step in the Department Costing re-vamp.  You’ll be able to see a detailed report showing where the costing is allocated through each area of the payrun, including Leave and Allowances.
  2. Payrun Report changes – The Payrun Report now includes details of the company’s contribution for Kiwisaver.  This will ensure that the Payrun Report totals match the Direct Credit Schedule with the Kiwisaver information still separate, but easily accessible as a total.
  3. Allowance Report – a new Allowance Report is available.  To find it, click on Reporting on the top menu, then select Allowance Report in the left-hand blue frame.  The Allowance Report can also be switched on in the Reporting area to be viewed automatically as one of the Check Payroll reports or Reports viewed after processing.

These are the main features of our recent update.  We are constantly enhancing the SmartPayroll system with new developments.   If you have any queries about these or other changes you have noticed, please call us at the SmartPayroll Helpdesk on 0800 10 10 38.

The SmartPayroll Helpdesk team