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Deductions have been modified to enable bank accounts to be loaded. This means that any deduction can be paid directly into a bank account without using up a normal bank account area.  Follow these instructions to set up a deduction with a bank account:

1.   Go to the Company Maintenance area
2.   Select Company Rules from the Links pane
3.   Click NEW to add a new deduction
4.   Ensure the Fixed Dollar Amount and Direct Credit checkboxes are selected.
5.   Save the details.
6.   Next, select EMP Contract Groups in the Links Pane and ensure the deduction is activated for the correct employee group.
7.   Enter relevant details here if the deduction is for all staff, or go to an employee’s own Employee Payments screen to personalise this deduction and enter the bank account the deduction amount will be sent to.
8.   Remember to save the details at the bottom of the screen.

If you have any queries about the new deduction options, please call the Helpdesk for support: 0800 10 10 38.