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SmartPayroll's Team Take The Vitality Works Power of 3 challenge

By SmartPayroll | September 30, 2015

From May 2015 to 7 August 2015, 13 Smart Payroll employees completed in the 12 week Power of 3® weight loss program. Power of 3 encourages sustainable weight loss by focusing on three key areas: Eat, Move and Think.

The programme

The team focused on three different phases – Eating less sugar, Moving More (less sitting) and Thinking differently about food – what you eat and slowing our eating.

Vitality Works would visit the SmartPayroll office every fortnight to check in and take weigh ins/waist measurements of the participating staff members. The two people who lost the most weight/reduced waist size each fortnight won a $100 gift voucher and the overall winner won a $300 voucher to Westfield shopping centre.

Our team set up a Facebook page where they motivated each other, shared their progress and exchange healthy recipe ideas.

Healthier, Happier Team

Of course it was a challenge for the team to cut out sugar and make the time to exercise, but we’re so proud of our staff, who after the 12 weeks were able to lose a combined total of 81.3kg with an average loss of 6.25kg per person. Many team members experienced an increase in energy levels and much better awareness of diet.

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Some of the comments from our team about the programme:

      “An unexpected bonus was I loved losing with the team doing it”


      “For once in my life I really didn’t mind being a loser!!”


      “Loved the programme and the fortnightly weigh inns”


    “Thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely keep it up”

If your team is interested in doing something similar, get in touch with Vitality Works.