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SmartPayroll’s Interview with TVNZ

By The Team | July 1, 2010

TVNZ will be running a story about SmartPayroll on its Close Up programme on either Friday 2nd July or Monday 5th July on TV1.

Asantha Wijeyratne, CEO was interviewed along with other staff members to outline the company’s flexible working policies for its staff by allowing new mothers to work flexible hours and even bring their babies to work on occasion.

A segment of the interview with Asantha:

Interviewer:  How has allowing staff to work with so much flexibility affected the company?

I think it has helped the business more than anything else.  Over the last 3 years we have doubled in size, a significant growth for us.  We are now one of the leading players in the payroll market.  And I believe that because we’ve “cornered” this philosophy into the company that’s allowed us to take up this position.

Interviewer: you seem like a nice boss….

Actually it’s a practical solution.  We’ve enjoyed tremendous success way beyond our widest imagination and I believe it’s because we’ve kept some of those important concepts of family, of people, and of keeping it real.  We look after our customers the same way.

We’ve got about 15 staff, we’ve got about 20 to 30 contractors, and we support about three and a half thousand businesses out there in the workplace in providing a payroll solution.

Interviewer:  any risks?

Doing anything is a risk and that’s what we’ve been good at, we’ve been prepared to take risks and stop doing things that don’t work.  We’ve never been disturbed in our work, the mothers have been responsible, and have done what they needed to do for their role.

Interviewer:  You are aware that there’ll be many people who will be emailing you for a job?

When I started this business all those years ago one of the key things I said was, I wanted it to be a workplace where people would want to come and work from and that’s a very important thing for us.  Rather than responding to an ad, if someone rings us up and says “I want to come and work for you because of the company you are”, that’s the ultimate compliment for me.

I think a lot of businesses miss out on having good, talented people work for them because they take the wrong attitude when it comes to accommodating a person with a child. .. but it depends on the business situation.

Asantha's interview with Close Up