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SmartPayroll reaches $2 billion in payroll processed

By The Team | September 29, 2011

The 2 billionth pay
Passing the 2 billion mark


If you’ve ever been on our site (which I’m guessing you have as you’re on it right now), you might have seen that we have a little purple box at the bottom of our home page that continually ticks over. Well, that little purple box represents the total amount of payroll we have processed since we launched five years ago. 




And today, we reached our biggest milestone yet – a massive figure of $2 billion. That’s over $75,000 on payroll transactions that we process every hour. Not ones to blow our own trumpet but we think this is something to celebrate. So we did. All staring at our computer screens, with our party poppers at the ready, our office has been a buzz of excitement.


  In all of our celebrations though, we haven’t forgotten you. You are our customers and it is you that have helped SmartPayroll get here today. We think you should be just as proud as we are. 


  Although the first billion took us 36 months to achieve, we haven’t rested on our laurels and we have raced ahead to attain the second billion in less than half that time. 

So now that the one has turned to the highly anticipated two on the front of the counter, we sit and wait for the almighty three. Lets hope it comes just as quick.


SmartPayroll's milestone - passing the 2 billion mark