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Easy just got Easier – SmartPayroll profiled in the Accountants Journal

By The Team | June 15, 2009

While many businesses value customer satisfaction, automated payroll company SmartPayroll places their clients at the heart of every business decision they make.

A clear focus on making business life easier for small to medium sized businesses has helped SmartPayroll become No.1 in their market and helped their clients cut through the maze of payroll activities in one mouse click. Easy.

Adding value for accountants

Your customers’ success is your success and accountants know only too well that clients’ stress can become your stress. Accountants refer payroll owners to SmartPayroll because they understand the business value of reducing a clients time on administration. It’s simple. SmartPayroll processes payrolls electronically within a few minutes including annual and sick leave, PAYE, Student Loan, KiwiSaver payments, Child Support, Court deductions and fines – all calculated, paid and filed (and printed if needed) – at a mouse click.

Confusion or anxiety for clients is reduced while the risk of penalties is effectively removed. This means more relaxed clients who can focus on partnering with their accountant as a true business advisor.

Richard Burge, Principal at WHK Sherwin Chan & Walshe agrees. “We regularly refer business owners to SmartPayroll. SmartPayroll is great for our clients. It’s easy to use, takes care of all calculations and IRD filing and ensures our clients can’t get in trouble with their PAYE. The SmartPayroll team is responsive and helpful.”

…and business owners

Talk to small and medium business owners about their payroll concerns, and you might be in for a long conversation. SmartPayroll makes payroll life simpler, easier and hassle free. In one step, employees are paid, all deductions are calculated and the necessary schedules and returns are filed with Inland Revenue. From anywhere in the world. Even the rugby sidelines…

SmartPayroll’s help desk Manager Vicky is smiling as she recalls noticing that a client had not run his pay on his due day and rang him to check whether he needed any help. “He was playing rugby at the time and had completely forgotten to run his payroll. He ran to the sidelines, gave us the hours for his staff and then got back into the game. We ran the payroll for him then and there and he continued playing. He was a pretty happy customer.”

Small business owners Mary and Mike from Shine Café are pretty happy customers too. Mike says “It was Christmas and we had madly juggled everything to get away for our break. In the supermarket carpark, 600kms away from home, I had one of those ‘uh-oh’ moments when I realised I hadn’t arranged the staff’s statutory holiday pay. It was after hours, but I called the Smart Payroll help desk while I was standing in the carpark and 5 minutes later, it was all taken care of. He says that was eighteen months ago and never having to worry about pay slips, leave, or changes has freed up valuable time them focus on growing the business. Mike also says that now he knows he can process their payroll from any computer in the world, he knows what to do if he gets that sinking feeling again in a supermarket carpark.


The SmartPayroll team sets everything up for clients, meaning there’s no initial outlay of administrative time or resource. Once it’s set up, clients then have free access to the SmartPayroll’s help desk.

As well as no annual fees, no upgrades to purchase and an affordable pricing structure, SmartPayroll users can also relax about the safety and integrity of their data as it’s all centrally stored, completely secure and confidential. There’s no risk of losing employee information if the client’s computer crashes or is stolen.

CEO Asantha Wijeyeratne says SmartPayroll are proud of the real difference it makes in their clients’ worlds.

“Without a doubt, we know that our system reduces compliance costs, paper handling and time, but by far the most satisfying feedback we get is about how much hassle, worry and stress is taken out of our client’s business and personal lives by using our product.”

“From talking to our clients over the years, we know that many of them worry they are not keeping up with changing requirements like KiwiSaver contributions, changes to the Holidays Act, Student Loan deductions or tax rate changes. It’s a good feeling to know our product immediately removes all those sleepless nights because all of that is taken care of.”