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SmartPayroll has joined forces with Acclipse

By Smart Payroll | February 2, 2012

We’re pleased to announce that SmartPayroll has joined forces with Acclipse in an exclusive partnership and are offering all accounting firms throughout New Zealand a complimentary copy of Smartpayroll for their firm.

This new partnership will make managing the pay cycle for your firm even easier. 

You will also be able to manage your clients’ pay (if you are authorised) directly from within iFirm.  This will enable you to access all the tools you need from within your iFirm software with one login.

But, the best part about this integration is that it requires absolutely no additional effort on your part, as the pay info for each team member is entered at the same time that your iFirm site is set-up – and, if you’re using another payroll system, SmartPayroll will handle the conversion for you as part of our usual customer service.

We are really excited about this announcement – as it guarantees to eliminate the hassle of managing your payroll, and highlights the flexibility and advantages that the iFirm online platform offers.

Read more about this announcement on Acclipe’s blog, and feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions.