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SmartPayroll is entering AMI Round the Bays

By The Team | February 21, 2014

SmartPayroll round the bays


This weekend, our whole company is entering the AMI round the bays.


The whole SmartPayroll team is entered in Wellington’s biggest fun run (yes, running is fun!)


We hope the weather holds out for the run, and we’d love to see you there – whether you are running or supporting. If you spot anyone from the SmartPayroll team, give us a cheer to help encourage us, and come and introduce yourself!


SmartPayroll round the bays


Don’t forget the road closures!

Those of you in Wellington will have to beware, Sunday morning will see a few road closures in various parts of town around the course:

City End

Customhouse Quay – Southbound lanes, Whitmore Street to Jervois Quay, from 6.30am to 11am
Jervois Quay – Southbound lanes, Customhouse Quay to Cable Street, from 6.30am to 11am
Cable Street –Jervois Quay to Oriental Parade, from 7am to 11am (right-hand lane open from Chaffers Street to Kent Terrace)
Oriental Parade – All, from 7.45am to 11am
(NB. All roads linking to Oriental Parade will also be closed from 7.45am to 11am)
Evans Bay Parade – Oriental Parade to Cobham Drive 7.45am to 12noon
(NB. All roads linking to Evans Bay Parade will also be closed 7.45am to 12noon)


No entry into Hataitai from corner of Taurima and Ruahine Street from 8am to 11.30am
(NB. Traffic can exit from Hataitai)
No entry into Hataitai from Goa Street from 8am to 11.30am
(NB. Traffic can exit from Hataitai)


Cobham Drive/Wellington Road – Full closure from Troy Street roundabout to Hamilton Road 8am to 11.30am
Cobham Drive – Eastbound, one lane closed between Troy Street and Calabar Road, 8am to 11.30am
A detour will be in place for State Highway One along Kilbirnie Crescent. Expect delays.
Evans Bay Parade –Cobham Drive to Kilbirnie Crescent, from 8am to 1pm
No exit from Kemp Street onto Evans Bay Parade 8am to 1pm
No access to Wellington Road from Crawford Road from 8am to 11.30am


Shelly Bay Road/Massey Road
A full road closure of Shelly Bay Road (Miramar Avenue intersection to Massey Road), 8am to 12noon
Massey Road to Scorching Bay Domain, 8am to 12 noon

No parking

Jervois Quay (Grey Street to Cable Street) 6.30am-11am
Cable Street – All (Jervois Quay to Oriental Parade) 6.30am-11am
Evans Bay Parade (Cobham Drive to Kemp Street) 6.30am-1pm
Kilbirnie Crescent (park side only) (Wellington Road to Evans Bay Parade) 6.30am-1pm