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See you at the next Accountant's Republic Seminar

By SmartPayroll | May 8, 2014

See you at the next Accountant’s Republic Seminar


We’ve had a great response to our latest Accountant’s republic seminar. We’re really looking forward to the Seminar at the Langham in Auckland tomorrow, and hope to see lots of our SmartPayroll-ers there. Unfortunately it is all booked out this time, but if you’re lucky enough to be attending, don’t forget to come and say hi – it can be a great opportunity to get some questions answered, or just to get to know us. We’re a friendly bunch!


If you missed out, don’t worry! There are more seminars in future – keep an eye out on our blog too, as we will be posting these seminars as they are advertised.


We’d like to say a mighty big thank you to Viv Brownrig for what we know will be a brilliantly run seminar. We find them really valuable and are continually making sure we can attend as many as possible.


Some of the key features of the seminar include a focus on operating efficiencies, new business models and simple services that can be delivered. That’s right up our alley, with our wages software specifically designed to make payroll easier. Online payroll is a great opportunity for businesses, especially being able to use payroll software in the cloud.


Whether you are interested in accounting, payroll or just some good business advice, these seminars are really helpful, so keep an eye out for future dates by ensuring you check up regularly on the Accountant’s Republic site. There are loads of seminars and online resources – super helpful whether you are an accountant or not.


To all our accounting partners and clients, we’re really looking forward to meeting up with you on Friday!