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In the latest range of updates there are two changes that SmartPayroll clients will notice immediately –

The Letter of Credit amount will be visible on Process & Authorisation Screen;  You can now enter multiple pay rates which will accrue annual leave.

  1. Letter of Credit total now visible on Process & Authorisation screen – now clients can easily see what their Letter of Credit is, and compare it with the current payroll total before the pay is processed.   Clients who process pays over their letter of credit should contact SmartPayroll to arrange for a revised letter of credit with their bank.
  2. Multiple pay rates available with automatic Annual leave accrual – If employees have more than one pay rate (not including overtime rates),  now there’s the capability to record annual leave hours for those rates.  E.g. if an employee works 30 hours on one pay rate, and 10 hours on another pay rate, the total of 40 hours will be recorded for annual leave.  If you have employees in this situation please call the Helpdesk so we can ensure the details are set up correctly.

These are the two main upgrades that clients will notice.  If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact the Helpdesk staff on 0800 10 10 38.