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Payroll related legislative changes employers need to know

By SmartPayroll | October 31, 2013

While the idea of watching Parliament TV 24/7 is thrilling, unfortunately we don’t all have the time to do this! Lucky for you, we’ve been keeping up with all the payroll and wage-related legislative changes that you need to know about.

Changes to public holidays

The Holidays (Full Recognition of Waitangi Day and ANZAC Day) Amendment Act 2013 has recently been amended to allow Waitangi Day and ANZAC Day to be transferred if they fall on weekends.

Here’s what it means for employers:

  • If Waitangi or ANZAC Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday and your employee normally works weekends, that day is to be treated as a public holiday. If the employee doesn’t normally work weekends, the following Monday will be treated as a public holiday
  • The Act comes into force on 1 January 2014 so you will need to account for it from next year onwards when calculating your employees wages and managing payroll.

Kiwisaver contributions for minimum wage earners

The Court of Appeal chose last month to uphold a decision by the Employment Court that employers paying minimum wage had to pay their KiwiSaver contributions on top of wages.

Here’s what it means for employers:

  • Many employers already pay contributions on top of an employee’s salary, but some had chose to subtract their contribution from the salary.
  • If you have minimum wage workers on your payroll, it would be wise to ensure you aren’t subtracting KiwiSaver deductions from their wages as you may be breaching the Minimum Wage Act 1993 as you may be liable for costly legal action.

At SmartPayroll, we keep on top of all changes relevant to wages, payslips and payroll. PAYE, KiwiSaver (deductions and contributions), student loans, holiday allowances and all other deductions are paid automatically each time you process your pay to save you the hassle.