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Payroll for Farmers

The team at SmartPayroll have been busy over the last month, asking questions about what farmers need from their payroll platform. As a farmer, you know best when it comes to stock or crop management, looking after your staff and growing the bottom line while running a profitable enterprise.

At SmartPayroll, we want to help you achieve your goals, by taking away all of the hassles of paying your staff their wages. If you’re still running payroll with a wage book or spreadsheets, there is a better way that frees up your time to work on the things that really matter. Even if you’re with a payroll provider, if they don’t have the correct features that matter to farmers, you could end up running afoul of the rules.

New payroll features that farmers will love

One of the key payroll issues that might face farmers is recording the correct number of hours for your employees, which is a requirement. Adding extra hours is easy with SmartPayroll, and this can be done without changing their salary.

1. Record additional hours worked by an employee, without changing their salary.

In some circumstances on the farm, these extra hours could take your employee below the New Zealand minimum wage. This can be a major legal issue! That’s why we’ve developed a minimum wage alert that will tell you when the issue arises.

2. Receive an alert if hours worked have caused an employee to go below minimum wage.

Recording hours is easy with SmartPayroll. You can manually enter additional hours as above, but your staff can also enter their hours via the employee app. This lets them enter timesheets right from their phone. If these hours have brought one of your employees below minimum wage, the minimum wage alert will appear, but fixing this is easy. With our top up option feature, you’ll be given the option to automatically top the wages up to meet the minimum wage requirements with a single click.

3. Top up an employee’s weekly pay to meet minimum wage – with one click.

These simple features have been designed with farmers in mind. Stay in full compliance with payroll legislation, have all of your filings done automatically and get back to the important things in a matter of minutes! It really does make running pays much easier for farmers.

We’ve made a short video which explains these features:


During our work to make payroll easy for farmers, we’ve been talking to Doug Avery, Southland’s Farmer of the Year and founder of Resilient Farmer. He graciously agreed to talk about his experience with switching to SmartPayroll in the video below.



We’d also like to congratulate Doug on his recently announced honour, becoming a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit!

So if you’re a farmer looking to spend less time on your payroll, while knowing it is in good hands, talk to our friendly team today or check out our just for farmers payroll page. We make it our business to stay ahead of payroll changes and deliver the features that make payroll a breeze, so you can focus on growing your profits!