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Should I pay wages weekly, fortnightly or monthly?

By SmartPayroll | August 13, 2014

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The law does not directly address the question of how often an employer should pay wages. How often and on what day wages or salaries are to be paid is a matter for employees and employers to agree on. This agreement could be written or verbal or be written into the employer’s workplace policies (good practice is for it to be clear and written down so that everyone has access to it).

The benefits if SmartPayroll is that you will have free ongoing support to answer any queries you have when you want to schedule a date to pay wages.

Holiday Pay

Holidays legislation states that employees have the right to receive pay for their annual holidays before their holiday starts, unless the employer and employee agree that the normal pay cycle will continue. It is advisable to put any such agreement in writing.

If an agreement specifies a pay day that happens to fall around or on a public holiday, then it would be up to the parties concerned to reach an agreement on an alternative day when the wages would be paid. Once again, good practice is for those situations to be dealt with in advance in a written agreement or policy.

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You can also find out more information here at the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment.