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SmartPayroll provides a safe and secure online payroll system to its customers, in thanks to Datacom. Our entire payroll system has been designed, developed and hosted online by Datacom, leaders in New Zealand’s IT service industry. Datacom employs over 1,500 staff and has been in operation in New Zealand since 1965. SmartPayroll would like to congratulate Datacom for reporting it’s $51.4 million net profit.




In today’s fast paced world, it is now not enough to rely on offline systems, employers are frequently mobile and need an payroll system that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Cue: online payroll systems. Don’t rely on your office’s computers always working. SmartPayroll allows you to pay staff from all over the world as long as you an access to the internet.



With Smart Payroll, problems such as these are now a thing of the past:


  • computer outages causing serious problems for the pay run = unhappy employees!
  • wasting time updating software when new versions are released, hoping your system still supports it.
  • worrying about the security of payroll information stored on your local network.


And benefits like these are a regular occurrence:


  • Reduced paper handling/administration costs
  • Time savings with one touch pay
  • Easy to use and accessible anywhere
  • IRD returns filed automatically and on time


Our system is designed for New Zealand payroll requirements. Still confused? See our ‘How It Works’ section to find out more.