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Online Payroll Checklist

By The Team | September 22, 2014

Sometimes when you’re under the pump and time is of the essence, it’s easy to forget online payroll processes and make small mistakes. We have made our payroll system as easy as possible and created the below payroll checklist to ensure you are right on task.


1. Login to SmartPayrolls address

2. Once you’ve entered your company’s site choose Run a Pay.

3. Check the payroll end date is correct (if not, click arrows to move to correct date).

4. Use the One-touch-pay option OR Timesheet OR double-click the employee’s name in the pay group list to begin entering the hours worked for this payrun. Click Save & Go to move to the next employee.

5. Remember, if any leave has been taken during the payrun, record it and if necessary adjust the worked hours so the employee gets paid for the right amount.

6. When all staff have been entered, click the Payrun Reports OR Check Payroll links to view the reports before processing.

7. If you’ve satisfied the correct hours have been entered, click Process & Authorise.

8. Enter the date that you wish the payroll to go to the bank (it will be in the employee’s bank accounts by the next morning).

9. Click the Submit all Pays & Close Pay Period button

10. Print any required reports – payslips can be printed or emailed (click Display Payslips in the left-hand column).


Hey presto, you’ve completed your payroll! For any additional questions, get in touch today.