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Minimum Wage Salaries on the Payroll – Important Information!

By SmartPayroll | July 4, 2014

As of 26th June 2014, the minimum wage order has changed to include a fortnightly minimum wage rate.

Which employers need to take note?

It’s designed to help ensure minimum wage workers and employers face fair costs for payments. While most employers won’t be affected, those who pay their employees minimum wage salaries on a full-time employment agreement need to make sure they’re paying at least $1,140 per fortnight (max 80 hours).

If your employees are working more than 80 hours per fortnight, they will need to be paid the minimum $1,140 plus $14.25 for each of those extra hours.

What about other minimum wage employees on the payroll?

For those employees who are paid hourly, daily, or weekly, nothing will change for you.

If you’ve got any other questions about minimum wage – get in touch with our team!