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Making Payroll a Breeze – New mobile app for SmartPayroll

By SmartPayroll | March 10, 2015

This month SmartPayroll is launching My Smart, a new mobile app for SmartPayroll customers. The My SmartPayroll mobile app will include real-time functionality and updates for both employees and employers, with staff also being able to request leave and enter their hours using the app. The My SmartPayroll app is free for existing SmartPayroll customers and their employees, and provides users with timely information when on-the-go.


What My SmartPayroll can do

The new mobile app will be released in several stages over the coming months and from late-March, employees will be able to:

– view their pay slips

– view their leave balances

Whilst employers will be able to:

– authorise a pay run

– use a payroll countdown reminder

By May, it is hoped to have the leave request function up and running, and for employers to be able to run a pay direct from their mobile. And by July, employees will be able to enter their worked hours into a digital timesheet, ready for approval and processing.

Better visibility of payroll information for employees

Allowing employees to have easy access to their payroll information gives them increased confidence in employer processes and ultimately saves them, and your business, time by requiring less manual data entry – and less room for error.

SmartPayroll has been designed as a user friendly experience and My SmartPayroll is no exception, making the payroll system even easier to use and manage than before from anywhere in the world. Users simply download the app to their mobile device, sign in using their SmartPayroll ID, and the user’s individual profile with user specific leave balances, payslips, and accesses can be displayed.