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Improving staff wellness at SmartPayroll

By SmartPayroll | June 16, 2015

Getting a good work life balance is important, especially when we live in a world where our smartphones and email keep us connected to our jobs 24/7 whether we’re at the office or not. Longer commutes mean less time with our families, and more time in stressful traffic jams and parking wars. When we’re short on time and our brains are clouded with busyness, and sometimes that means we can start to let our health and fitness slide.


Here at SmartPayroll we want to help our employees maintain a healthy work life balance by supporting them with an optional corporate health and wellness programme run through Vitality Works. The programme we’ve gone for is the 12 week long Power of 3 course which draws on the latest scientific evidence to help people lose weight.

Benefits of Vitality Works

The Vitality Works Power of 3 programme isn’t just about food, it’s about three core elements:


1. EAT less sugar

2. MOVE more and sit less

3. THINK differently about food. Slow down and enjoy it.


The programme provides advice on personal goal setting, recipes, and menu planning, as well as an exercise plan and personal record charts so you can see your progress.

How SmartPayroll is supporting employee wellness

Signing up to the health programme is just the first step, it’s figuring out a strategy to help your goals that’s the hard part. That’s why we’ve provided our staff with pedometers, encouraging more walking, less sitting, and ultimately more healthy behaviour.


Progress on our healthy workplace

So far the staff here at SmartPayroll have collectively lost over 48 kilograms, four weeks into the programme. Every fortnight Hannah, our Vitality Works representative, conducts a weigh-in where she also takes measurements of each person to see how the programme is working for their body. After all, weight measurements alone aren’t the best measure of a body’s health.


To encourage everyone to stick to the programme and achieve their wellness goals, the top 2 results from the weigh-in session receive a $100 Westfield shopping voucher.


Tips on maintaining work life balance

Our staff absolutely love the Vitality Works Power of 3 Programme, and have started a Facebook page to share recipes and ideas. Here are just a few of our favourites:


Mince and Cheese Kumara Top Pies by chef/nutritionist Nadia Lim

A healthy take on your favourite burger Piri Piri Chicken Burgers 

And for a healthy treat, try Petite Kitchen’s Pistachio and Prune Truffles

Sticking to a wellness programme – reward yourself!

You might be tempted to crack into some choccy biscuits or a bottle of the good stuff when you see results from your weight loss program – you deserve it, don’t you? But choosing rewards that don’t negatively impact your diet are the best way to make sure you stay on track when you’re doing well.


To help our staff stick to their programme we’re shouting them ticket to That Sugar Film. The documentary is about one man’s journey to discover the hidden dangers of consuming massive quantities of sugar, much of which is hidden in supermarket items branded ‘healthy’ or ‘lite’.


Wellness tools for small business

Whilst many larger corporations can afford to design their own health and wellbeing programs, if you’re a small business you might not have the budget to invest in an expensive corporate health programme. Thanks to smartphone technology there are a wealth of health and fitness apps out there to support your staff to stay fit and healthy.

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