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Important Information For Payroll Staff Over Easter 2015

By SmartPayroll | March 25, 2015

Everyone at the SmartPayroll NZ team wishes you a safe and happy Easter holiday next week. There’s some things to keep in mind for payroll over Easter and the switch into the 2015/2016 Financial Year.

End Of Tax Year
The 31st of March falls on a Tuesday this year. If you usually pay your employees on this day, please be aware that the payment would be included in the new tax year (April 2015 – March 2016). Please contact the helpdesk for further clarification.

Minimum Rate Increasing
On 1st April this year, the minimum rate will rise from $14.25 to $14.75. Please make this change where necessary or contact the helpdesk for assistance.

Running payroll over Easter period
If you’re not sure how to record the statutory holidays over the Easter break, click here to see a flow chart with instructions for Good Friday and Easter Sunday (and Monday).

Easter Banking days for staff paid on Fridays and Mondays
As the banks are closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday (3rd and 6th April) and you would normally pay your employees on one of these days, you may wish to pay your staff on Thursday (2nd April) instead, otherwise the payment would have to wait until the next working day which is Tuesday (7th April).

Paying employees for ANZAC Day
ANZAC day falls on Saturday this year. Click here for information on how to pay your staff for ANZAC day.