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Smart Payroll is a great way to run a simple payroll system, especially if you’re a small to medium sized business. Our “How To” YouTube videos are your perfect resource to understanding all there is to know about using our payroll software. It’s seriously simple with Smart Payroll! Each video addresses the most commonly asked questions on our website. Need to know how to enter holidays manually? Or how to run a pay and send a payslip? Let a Smart Payroll trainer take you through all the steps so you can get the most out of your Smart Payroll software.

So, what kinds of How To videos are currently available? Have a read below to find out what each video covers, and get linked straight through to the video on YouTube.


How to Run a Pay and send Payslips

Our One Touch pay makes running a pay and sending payslips incredibly simple! In less than a minute you can do all the calculations, make the payment and lodge PAYE tax with Inland Revenue (IRD). If you need any assistance, this video will take you through:

  • Changing employee payment dates
  • Adding pay information for casual employees or those who work irregular hours
  • Entering leave that needs to be included in the pay-run
  • Double-checking the report summary prior to confirming your pay-run
  • Finalising a pay-run
  • Sending payslips to your employees via email
  • Printing employee pay slips

Read our guide on running a pay is another great resource if you’re needing a bit more clarity.


Entering Leave and finding the leave balance for an employee.

Entering and keeping track of all your employees’ leave balances is very simple using the Smart Payroll system. If you’re needing a bit of assistance, this short video will show you how to:

  • Enter a specific leave type, such as Sick leave or Annual Leave
  • Change the employee pay rate
  • Add more than one leave item in one payslip
  • Edit or removing a leave item

You can find your employees’ accrued and earned leave balance in the Leave Balances section of the login portal. Their leave balance will also appear on screen when you are entering their leave.

If you require any further information, the Employment New Zealand website has useful resources on handling leave, public holidays and payroll.


Entering Easter Holidays and pays manually.

Processing Leave for your employees can be complicated for some businesses, but our payroll software allows employers to account for all types of Leave so it’s accurately reflected on an employees’ payslip. If you’re needing to know how to enter Easter holidays, public holidays, or other types of Leave, check out this video! It covers:

  • Add a statutory holiday to an employees’ payslip
  • How to edit or delete leave
  • How to pay an employee for a Public Holiday that was worked
  • Record alternate Public Holidays

For more information on processing Public and Alternate holidays with SmartPayroll, have a read of this blog.


Entering Christmas and New Year’s leave holidays.

All employers know the Christmas and New Year Holiday period is when the office quietens down, client business calms down, and employees jet off on holiday. This step-by-step video guide shows you how to record the leave taken on these Statutory holidays, as well as other types of Leave your employees may be taking as well.

  • Add a statutory holiday to an employees’ payslip
  • Add an Alternate Public Holiday to an employees’ payslip
  • How to add another leave item within the same payslip
  • Remove or change leave once it has been entered

We have another blog that is dedicated to Christmas and New Year holidays. Have a read if you have any further questions!


Changing an employee’s Kiwisaver and Pay Rates

If your employee requires an adjustment to their pay rate, or has requested a change to their KiwiSaver contribution, it will take you less than a minute to ensure this is reflected in your Smart Payroll software. You can also edit the effective date for the employees pay rate to change, so you can make these changes in advance – nice and easy come pay day!

For more information on KiwiSaver and your business, IRD has all you need to know about Employer KiwiSaver obligations.


Doing a manual pay?

In some cases, you will need to pay an employee outside of your regular pay-run – perhaps it’s a one-off payment or you forgot to pay an employee. Never fear! It’s not too late to adjust the pay. As with everything on Smart Payroll, it’s super simple – watch the video to learn how to:

  • Enter the manual pay details for the one-off manual pay
  • Direct credit the employee
  • Select a date for payment processing


Adding a bonus or one off payment to a pay run

If your employee is entitled to a bonus or one off payment, it is a quick task to include this in a pay run on Smart Payroll. This How To video will take you through the steps! Give it a watch if you need to know anything about:

  • KiwiSaver and a bonus or one-off payment
  • Tax requirements for a bonus or one off payment
  • What happens with the employees’ leave earnings
  • Change the date an employee receives payment


Terminating an employee

Saying farewell to an employee? Calculating Holiday Pay, owing leave and processing their final pay is a quick and easy task.

This How To video takes you through the steps required when terminating an employee, including:

  • Paying an employee for any owing hours
  • Work out the total value of Holiday Pay the employee is entitled to
  • Enter the employees’ final date of work into the system

With just a few clicks, the system will automatically calculate the total termination pay, including owing leave.

Smart Payroll is built to support small business success – we understand that as a small business owner, juggling multiple tasks and wearing many different hats in one day is part of your status quo. Smart Payroll takes some of the pressure of, making paying your staff an easy task that doesn’t have to take up unnecessary amounts of time. Payroll has never been faster or easier with Smart Payroll. Smart Payroll will be releasing more How To videos soon! We are dedicated to helping our customers get the most out of our software. If you want to be the first to know about new videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel and turn notifications on.

Our Customer Care team are also here to help! Feel free to get in touch with us if you need any assistance with your Smart Payroll system. Or call 0800101038.