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Getting payroll sorted for ANZAC day

By SmartPayroll | April 17, 2014


Easter has come around slightly later than usual this year, which means the Easter break is closer than usual to ANZAC day. For employees, this leads to a pretty exciting three day week next week. For payroll coordinators, all the public holidays can add an extra level of stress, not least of all because that three day week is a prime candidate for people taking annual leave!


Easy public holiday payroll flow charts


The last post on the SmartPayroll blog had a flowchart to help with Easter payroll processing, and now we have an accompanying flow chart to help you make the right plans for ANZAC day. With only three days next week that banks are open, you will need to make sure your payroll processing day is one of those, and that you’ve got everything sorted in time. This is particularly important if you need anyone else to run through timesheets and approve them, or any other internal processes that take a bit of time.


Click the preview image below, or follow this link to see the ANZAC day flow chart.

Anzac Day payroll flowchart 2014

If you missed the Easter flow chart, click here or on the image below to see it again.

Easter payroll flowchart 2014

If you’ve got any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in contact at any stage. The main thing to remember with public holidays, however, is to get it done early and ensure you process payroll on days that banks are open.


We hope everyone gets to enjoy a really great break over Easter and ANZAC day!