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From accountant to serial entrepreneur: Phil Richards’ secret formula to success

By Smart Payroll | March 18, 2019

SmartPayroll founder and serial entrepreneur Phil Richards was featured recently in “In the Black” – the magazine of the CPA in Australia.

In it, Richards reflects on the personal characteristics required to successfully launch and grow a business, and why accountants can find this challenging.
He also covers off his five “f”s of personal fulfillment.

The article explores what Richards sees as the secret to success – whether that be in business, or in life: “goal setting and planning, passion, determination and persistence. With the hard work comes achievement and reward, a sense of accomplishment and feeling good about myself”.

He also discusses his soon-to-be-released book entitled “The Entrepreneurial Accountant” including a framework for how accountants should approach their clients’ businesses, as well as their own.

Read the full article to learn what this entrepreneurial accountant can teach his fellow accountant and bookkeeper colleagues about growing a successful business.