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Does an employer have to provide a payslip in New Zealand?

By SmartPayroll | August 16, 2013

Well interestingly enough, you don’t in New Zealand – not unless there’s an agreement between you and your employee to do so.

However, while you’re under no specific legal obligation to provide a payslip, the employee does have the right to see information about how their employer has worked out wages and see the time records relating to their hours of work. We think it’s reasonable to provide this information to your staff anyway.

An employee also has the right to request information about their annual leave and sick leave entitlement.

We strongly suggest providing a payslip to employees each time they’re paid.

By regularly showing the hours they are being paid for, their current hourly rate (or salary), allowances or deductions made from their pay, and annual leave accrued, your employee will be happy knowing exactly the state of their employment. Here is a payslip example.

This will help them plan holidays away from work carefully and hopefully well in advance to help you as the employer to better-manage workloads.  It’s also useful for both parties to have record of sick leave taken and reimbursements paid. This can help avoid issues down the road.

The easy way to manage payslips

If you’re considering getting new payroll software, just know that SmartPayroll’s system offers all of this functionality and even has the ability to email the payslips to employees automatically when you process your online payroll.

We make it easy for you to keep your team updated and fully informed about their pay situation. If you ever need any help or run into a unique issue, our expert team can help out!

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