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Great customer service can turn your customers into your advocates

By SmartPayroll | June 4, 2014

What would an organisation be without it’s customers? … Well, not much, is the answer we’ve come up with at SmartPayroll! For us, success has come from more and more companies hearing good things about us and getting in touch. Our own customers are our best sales people, which is a signal our hard work is paying off, and provides some lessons in how to make your customers into your advocates.


Over the years we’ve been focusing on providing all our Kiwi organisations with the most efficient, easy to use and up to date online Payroll system. We have created an online space with helpful payroll and wages software resources, a free 24/7 customer services help line and sponsored payroll and accounting related events like the most recent New Economy Seminar. All to ensure our online payroll customers get the most from SmartPayroll. Our business model has been inspired by some of the world’s most successful leading organisations – and today, we would like to share with you their success stories, so you can understand the reasons why we have the goal of putting our customers first.

Being Transparent


Trust is the key to any relationship – and the saying is no less valid for businesses. Once trust is gained by a customer, a healthy relationship can begin to blossom. So, how have organisations gained the trust of their customers? Griffin Hospital use the slogan “putting patients first”. They have done this by not only providing high quality care for their patients – but by being completely transparent with their information. The Hospital began sharing hospital records with customers. This resulted in a 43% drop in claims made against the hospital. Customers were empowered with knowledge they deserved meaning, they would remain loyal to the organisation.


Here at Smart Payroll we have been inspired to remain transparent proving our customers with all the information and statistics we have accumulated. We set it out in an easy to read way – letting you understand how your online payments are being made in straightforward reports. Our slogan assures our customers that “paying wages has never been easier” and we work hard to make this statement true. We ensure that customers are well informed about any changes we make, so no tricky surprises should be expected.

Walking in your customer’s shoes


Putting yourself in your customer’s shoes is an important tactic and is the one that result in us creating our online payroll system in the first place. Air New Zealand frequently tops lists of best customer service providers in NZ, including the KiwiHost Perceptions of Customer Service Survey. Their secret sauce is making sure customers “enjoy the fact that they are listened to. They feel valued and they know that the person behind the desk or at the other end of the phone goes out of their way to help, rather than just do their job” according to their website.


We know that using online systems can be complex or hard to get your head around if you are not a computer expert – so we have put ourselves in our customers shoes. Using SmartPayroll to pay our own employees has worked as a massive learning curve. This way we get to experience the same interface as our customers, find which parts of our technology work well, which need improvement and most importantly we can relate to what our customers face each time they use our services. We see this as another important step to creating long lasting relationships with our customers as we understand their needs first hand.

Providing excellent customer service


We understand that your employees need to be paid on time. When you have any questions or queries about our payroll system we will have a member of the team walk you through it step-by-step. Our help line is available to all of our customers when they need it.


Caring about customers is the first step for customers to become advocates. Naturally if people are happy with a service the customer feedback will be positive. If you think we have room for improvement – let us know and we would love to work together to find the solution that works for you and works for us.