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Paying Staff on Waitangi Day 2017

Waitangi Day 2017 Monday February 6th 2017 is the public holiday Waitangi Day.  If the Employee works on any part of a public holiday the Employee will be paid time and a half for the actual hours worked. *(see below for the exact definition)… Read More

Holidays & Paying Staff over the Xmas period

Christmas & New Year Public Holidays Employees should be paid for any Christmas and New Year’s public holiday that falls on a day which the employee would otherwise be working (this includes employees who are on a ‘closedown’ period). Under Mondayisation legislation,… Read More

Health and Safety Changes In NZ 2016

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment holds a crucial role in New Zealand’s Labour market and helps ensure that New Zealand has a strong economy. They supply information on the laws which govern the employment industry and keeping up-to-date with law updates is important for both employers and employees. Read More

Avoiding Discrimination In The Workplace

Discrimination can happen in any area of the business, whether it be during the interviewing process or with current staff. This article aims to help employers and employees understand discrimination, how to identify it, and how to avoid it. What is discrimination? Discrimination is defined… Read More

Paid Parental Leave Requirements For Payroll

Paid Parental Leave (PPL) requirements have changed. In this article we have outlined the basics of the updated law, and what your obligations are whether you are an employer or an employee. What is Paid Parental Leave? Paid Parental Leave is a monetary supplement paid to… Read More

Health and Safety Reform Bill

The new Health and Safety Reform Bill passed, and the Health and Safety at Work Act came into effect on 4 April 2016. This Act replaces the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992. There has been a lot of confusion and questions about what this Act is… Read More

New Zealand Holidays Act Compliance: Q & A

Q: I’ve read the articles about people making incorrect payments for holidays. What’s all the fuss about? The Holidays Act is a complicated piece of legislation that despite the best intentions from good employers can be difficult to manage and comply with. Complexities typically arise in two areas of… Read More

Employee Dismissals: Getting it Right

If you’ve ever had to fire an employee before then you know first-hand that the termination process can be as traumatic for you as it is for the person losing their job. It’s one of the most stressful situations for company managers and owners, and over the course of… Read More

SmartPayroll's Team Take The Vitality Works Power of 3 challenge

From May 2015 to 7 August 2015, 13 Smart Payroll employees completed in the 12 week Power of 3® weight loss program. Power of 3 encourages sustainable weight loss by focusing on three key areas: Eat, Move and Think. The programme The team focused on three different phases – Eating less sugar, Moving More… Read More

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