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Payroll for part time and casual workers

Casual and part-time work can be a fantastic arrangement for both employer and employee alike. In today’s fast-growing “gig economy,” it’s becoming more and more common to see part time and casual work arrangements on payrolls of businesses here in New Zealand and further afield. What does… Read More

Pay Day Reporting Update

As you may be aware, the way in which you report your employee tax, social deductions and superannuation information to Inland Revenue is changing from the 1st April next year with the introduction of what IRD is calling Pay Day Reporting.  This information, as the name suggests will… Read More

Retaining Great Staff as a Small Business

As a small business owner, your staff are fundamental to your success. You might invest money and time into retaining a great team, but how can you guarantee your employees will stick around for the long haul? Staff retention is an issue many small businesses struggle with. High… Read More

How To Payroll With SmartPayroll

Smart Payroll is a great way to run a simple payroll system, especially if you’re a small to medium sized business. Our “How To” YouTube videos are your perfect resource to understanding all there is to know about using our payroll software. It’s seriously simple with Smart Payroll!… Read More

Improving Your Cash Flow

In its simplest form, cash-flow is the flow of money into and out of your business. Positive cash-flow, the true life blood of any successful business, will show more cash flowing in than out. It doesn’t matter how well marketed a business is, or how incredible its products or services… Read More

April 2018 Update

Statutory holidays will now enter automatically Our developers have been working hard on making SmartPayroll easier and now we are very pleased to announce you can opt to have statutory holidays enter automatically saving you lots of time. To turn on this new feature, click Company Details, choose Options from… Read More

Payday Reporting NZ Made Easy | How To Get Prepared

If you’re involved with your organisation’s payroll, chances are you’ve already heard about the changes coming to New Zealand’s payroll reporting system. From 1 April 2018, New Zealand employers paying more than $50,000 PAYE and Employer Superannuation Contribution Tax (ESCT) per year have the option to switch… Read More

Recycling in the Office – Going Plastics Free

At SmartPayroll, we’ve gone plastics free! We’ve taken this initiative because of the concerning environmental problems caused by waste plastics, particularly the effects of plastic ending up in the ocean and killing sea life. We’d like to play our part in eliminating this problem. And it’s a big… Read More

Benefits of Payroll in the Cloud

Benefits of Cloud Payroll If you’re accustomed to a traditional payroll processing system, you may be wondering why you should move to a cloud-based payroll system. In this article, we’ll take a look at the benefits of payroll in the cloud… Read More

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