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Recycling in the Office – Going Plastics Free

At SmartPayroll, we’ve gone plastics free! We’ve taken this initiative because of the concerning environmental problems caused by waste plastics, particularly the effects of plastic ending up in the ocean and killing sea life. We’d like to play our part in eliminating this problem. And it’s a big… Read More

Benefits of Payroll in the Cloud

Benefits of Cloud Payroll If you’re accustomed to a traditional payroll processing system, you may be wondering why you should move to a cloud-based payroll system. In this article, we’ll take a look at the benefits of payroll in the cloud… Read More

SmartPayroll Responds to Recent Processor Vulnerabilities

Spectre & Meltdown vulnerabilities You have probably seen some of the media coverage over the last week around the recently discovered vulnerabilities in computer processors from Intel and AMD. Most computers in the world today use processor chips from these two companies to provide the computers processing power,… Read More

Kiva Loans – The Gift/Loan that Keeps on Giving

At Smart Payroll, we believe in helping people to build bigger, brighter futures for themselves and for their families. It’s a noble thought, but we must always find ways to translate our thoughts into genuine action. For our latest initiative, we looked at various community… Read More

Payroll Software – The Safer and Easier Choice

Payroll software vs manual calculation Businesses that opt to manually process their payroll are not only tying up valuable internal resources on what is a very demanding undertaking, they are also putting themselves at risk of significant consequence when errors inevitably creep into those complex calculations. Read More

Auckland Chamber of Commerce Membership

The Auckland Chamber of Commerce has been assisting businesses in Auckland for over 150 years. SmartPayroll is a valued member of the Auckland Chamber and if you run a business in the Auckland area, some of these membership benefits may be of interest to you: Auckland Chamber of… Read More

New Payroll User Manuals

We’ve recently added some new payroll manuals to help you achieve more from the SmartPayroll platform. The new guides match the updated look of the SmartPayroll and more importantly should make it very easy to run a pay, add a new employee or edit the details of a current… Read More

Smart Payroll To Integrate 2017 Tax Changes

The 2017 election is heating up, and with it, we are starting to see the political parties making proposals for tax changes. The 2017 budget released by the current government at the end of May is intended to give more to families and… Read More