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How to add a new employee to your online payroll system

By The Team | October 15, 2014

It’s great when you hire new staff and start expanding your business, and with SmartPayroll, it’s easy to add them to your online payroll system and things running smoothly right from the get go. Check out our easy step by step process below.


1. Click the Employee Details button at the top of the screen


2. Click the Add Employee button at the top of the frame

3. The following screen will appear, enter their details


4. Enter their bank account details


5. Enter their Tax Information

new employee payroll

6. Enter the terms of their contract in regards to their position


7. Confirm their leave entitlement


8. Waged staff usually working different hours each week, there are special settings which help work out an average


9. Add the company’s contribution to your new employee’s Kiwisaver

kiwisaver payroll


10. Check employee’s details and hey presto!

employee payroll