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Accounts' RePublic – A fantastic resource

By Smart Payroll | November 8, 2013

We love The Accountants’ RePublic – a community of accounts and firms that are working together to share knowledge, develop skills and innovate. One of the key focus areas is harnessing new technology, meaning they should be totally savvy with the latest in online payroll and wage software.

Accountants’ Republic

Through webinars, resource centres, networking events and courses, Accountants RePublic is providing some absolutely fantastic resources to accountants and businesses alike.

Fighting the business battles

Accountants Republic was born out of recognition of a number of key pain points for New Zealand businesses:

  1. Keeping up with Government Legislation changes (see our previous post on the payroll related changes)
  2. Raising funds to invest in the business
  3. Knowing how to make a profit
  4. Chasing up late payments
  5. Finding quick and easy ways to evaluate financial performance

The Accounts’ RePublic’s attitude to accounting and payroll related innovation is something we can definitely relate to. Accounting is an old profession characterised by numerous standards and best practises which tend to foster an “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” attitude. In recent times, however, there have been a number of online developments and startups emerging to finally address many business headaches. Like RePublic, our online payroll system was also born out of a desire to ease payroll and wage paying quandaries and make the process a whole lot easier.

Collaboration and innovation in the accounting sector

One of the best aspects of RePublic is the way the seminars, blogs and knowledge centre really push accountants to provide more value to clients, get creative with the services and advice they can offer, and encourages business owners to engage accountants for more support than just filing tax returns.

Take advantage of the events and resources on offer

RePublic has a wealth of knowledge available for all parts of the accounting value chain: accountants, business advisors, business owners and clients. The events are great prices – some of them are even free. One of their upcoming complimentary events is a seminar on “Using Technology Add-ons to Cement  Your Role as Business Advisor” on the 21st of November. Whilst it is geared towards assisting business advisors and accountants to provide value for clients, there will surely be some invaluable insights for small businesses looking for ways they can harness technology to grow on a smaller budget. It sounds like there will be a tonne of useful tools introduced!