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Accountant's RePublic Day 2014 – Who Ate My Cheese?

By Smart Payroll | March 13, 2014

We’re big fans of Viv Browning and everything she’s created at the Accountant’s Republic.


On May 9th Accountant’s RePublic are holding a really great one day seminar with a fantastic name: Who Ate My Cheese. That sure sums up a lot of small business financial issues, be they payroll or other expenses. The event, at The Langham Hotel in Auckland, will cover a range of topics that our payroll processors – in particular the accountants – can learn from and discuss:

New business models that work in a changed world
Operating efficiencies that dramatically improve margins
Simple services that your team can deliver and that your clients will buy
Less reliance on partners
A very bright future


Our payroll software is designed with those factors in mind too, so we’re always pleased to see another organisation in our industry with similar goals and values.


Particular topics we’re looking forward to are:


1.     The latest practice innovations.

2.     Trimming the ‘fat’ out of compliance delivery.

3.     Outsourcing for extreme profit improvement.

4.     Enabling your clients to get ahead financially.

5.     Growing your practice the easier way.

6.     Helping your clients to be more productive and monetising your ADDvice with add-on technology.

7.     Breaking the grip of inertia and the fear of risk to allow transformation.


If you’d like to attend, head to Accountant’s RePublic to book online.