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A Customer's Testimonial to SmartPayroll

By The Team | October 12, 2009

“As a business that floats or sinks depending on how efficiently we run our back office systems, specifically our payroll, BoatBoys needed to ensure it was running the fastest and easiest payroll system in order to cope with the quantity of casual employees we have on our books.

 After starting with ACE Payroll, we discovered that SmartPayroll not only did everything ACE could do in a simpler, cleaner manner online, but that all the banking to staff and our PAYE obligations of filing and payment were taken care of automatically…so we no longer need to even think about it! 
Hayes Knight really deliver on their promise of ‘Accounting beyond the numbers’ by suggesting this great new technology to their clients – it was a breath of fresh air for us.”

Mike Vitali – Founder, Director
and Hayes Knight client
SmartPayroll testimonial