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Your guide to understanding termination pay

Payroll is often an afterthought when an employee’s employment has been terminated. But, not involving payroll early on in the process can put your business at risk. If your payroll administrator doesn’t have all the relevant information, how can they be certain an employee’s final pay is correct? In this… Read More

A step-by-step guide to completing a leave review

Calculating leave entitlements is surprisingly tricky. They are generally outlined in employment agreements, so it’s easy to assume that staff are being paid correctly. However even the smallest changes to an employee’s role, such as which days they work on, can affect how their leave should be calculated. As your… Read More

What’s all this fuss about “leave in weeks?”

Back in June a new wave of Kiwi businesses were found to be mistakenly underpaying staff their holiday pay entitlements. This “holiday pay nightmare” all started back in 2016 when the news broke that thousands of employees had been short-changed almost $2 billion due to errors in payroll calculations. Read More