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How to add a new employee to your online payroll system

It’s great when you hire new staff and start expanding your business, and with SmartPayroll, it’s easy to add them to your online payroll system and things running smoothly right from the get go. Check out our easy step by step process below.   1. Click the Employee Details button… Read More

Payroll software makes Labour Day a breeze

SmartPayroll’s Online Payroll system doesn’t require a lot of extra attention for statutory holidays. The main issue for employers to consider is whether or not their staff would usually work on Labour Day. For most businesses operating Mon-Fri, the answer to this question is yes as Labour Day falls on Monday… Read More

Jury Service

Information for Employers Where an Employee has been summoned for Jury service the Employer should discuss with the Employee about the dates and duration of the jury service. The Employer needs to consider how their absence might affect the workplace during that period. Remember that the duration of the Employee’s… Read More