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How to find your payroll reports

Whether you’re looking for your Gross earnings, PAYE, Kiwisaver or any other payroll report, SmartPayroll has it all ready to go and easily accessible. To find your payroll reports, take a look at the report flow chart below:… Read More

New employees and Kiwisaver

New employee who must opt in to KiwiSaver As you entered the new employee’s start date, the KiwiSaver option New Employee Opting In will be activated and selected.  A KS1 form (opting-in form) will automatically be filled out and sent to the IRD by SmartPayroll.  You do not need to send… Read More

Online Payroll Checklist

Sometimes when you’re under the pump and time is of the essence, it’s easy to forget online payroll processes and make small mistakes. We have made our payroll system as easy as possible and created the below payroll checklist to ensure you are right on task.   1. Login to… Read More

Online Payroll with Datacom

SmartPayroll provides a safe and secure online payroll system to its customers, in thanks to Datacom. Our entire payroll system has been designed, developed and hosted online by Datacom, leaders in New Zealand’s IT service industry. Datacom employs over 1,500 staff and has been in operation in New Zealand since… Read More