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Smart Payroll's 10th Birthday!

The 24th August is SmartPayroll’s 10th birthday. It’s definitely an occasion to celebrate, and Phil our CEO has made a special message for the NZ team from Australia:     Dear SmartPayroll NZ   We wish we were there to celebrate with you and I want to thank each and everyone… Read More

Farewell Julian

We are very sad to say goodbye to one our staff members. Julian has been working at the SmartPayroll helpdesk for 8 years! A lot of our customers would have dealt with Julian over the years.   Julians last day will be Friday 29th August, so if you would like… Read More

Overtime Pay & Overtime Pay Laws

WHAT IS IT AND WHERE DO I FIND THE INFORMATION? To ensure you have a smart payroll system in place you need to understand overtime pay and surrounding laws. There are few obligations on employers to pay penal rates other than that already agreed to and in their employment… Read More

Should I pay wages weekly, fortnightly or monthly?

Schedule your payroll system The law does not directly address the question of how often an employer should pay wages. How often and on what day wages or salaries are to be paid is a matter for employees and employers to agree on. This agreement could be written… Read More

There’s something new in SmartPayroll

We know it can be frustrating when you need a quick answer. So we’ve added Walk Me Through to guide you through pretty much anything you want to do in SmartPayroll.   Have a go! When you next login to SmartPayroll look for the “Walk Me Through” notice… Read More

Special offer for SmartPayroll Customers

Simplifying the complicated   SmartPayroll is not just about easy to use online payroll systems but an easy life! This includes communication between parents and teachers. We too have children and with today’s fast paced life it’s sometimes hard to keep track of everything that’s going on. Thats why we… Read More

SmartPayroll at AdviserEdge 2014

AdviserEdge 2014- 17-19 August Gold Coast, Australia Phil Richards, the co-founder of SmartPayroll will be speaking at AdvisorEdge 2014.   Find out how you can: Lock in your clients Increase fees Increase referrals Create happy clients Put on fun and entertaining events Embrace technology… Read More