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Our payroll talk at the Robert Harris conference

The SmartPayroll team was lucky enough to be invited to the Robert Harris conference in Rotorua this past week. Here we spoke about how SmartPayroll works, the benefits and how it helps our clients process their employees’ weekly wages. It was great to meet the café owners and… Read More

Part time or casual? A word of caution…

Employing a casual worker can come with some issues. When paying casual worker wages including 8% as holiday pay, there are circumstances that can mean they are still entitled to 4 weeks of paid leave as well. Avoid problems with annual leave pay A casual employee working every week… Read More

Does an employer have to provide a payslip in New Zealand?

Well interestingly enough, you don’t in New Zealand – not unless there’s an agreement between you and your employee to do so. However, while you’re under no specific legal obligation to provide a payslip, the employee does have the right to see information about how their employer has worked… Read More

Anti-Money Laundering Legislation

Just when everything is ticking along nicely in the financial world, the law changes and we all have to roll with the punches. The New Anti-Money Laundering Legislation Act came into effect on 30th June 2013.  It’s important that accountants and employers are aware of the changes. What is this… Read More