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Your questions

Through our helpdesk we always get a range of customers ringing in asking about different aspects of their payroll and how we can make it a smoother, more streamlined process. But a lot of the questions we get asked, are actually already readily available in our FAQ section. From… Read More

$4 billion and more

This week may seem like an ordinary working week but there are a few things to celebrate and remember. Firstly, after hitting the $3 billion mark in July last year, we are now inching ever closer to celebrating $4 billion in payroll processed through SmartPayroll.  It’s a great achievement… Read More

Busiest time of the year

Around this time every year our phone lines start to get a lot busier as we try to help everyone.  As always, we are aiming to get an answer to you as quickly as possible, but please be patient if you are experiencing slightly longer wait times than usual. If… Read More

We’re heading south

After travelling around the North Island and delivering payroll courses in a variety of different areas over the past year, we are now crossing the Strait and heading south. On the 18th and 19th of this month, we will be in Hokitika and Franz Josef helping out more people with… Read More

Tax and minimum wage changes

As many of you know, as at 1 April there were some changes to Kiwisaver, student loans and minimum wage. Although the tax changes to both Kiwisaver and student loans are automatically updated in SmartPayroll, the increase in minimum wage needs to be manually changed.  It is increasing from $13.50… Read More