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Helpdesk support

0800 10 10 38.  You may have rung it before, perhaps not.  More than likely you will have seen it all over our site though.  It’s the one-stop number to ring if you have any questions or support.  What you may not realise however, is that we also have an… Read More

It’s Olympic time!

Mahe, Valerie, Alison, whatever the name, whatever the sport, if they are wearing black and white we shall be getting in behind them.  This Thursday marks the start of the Olympic games.  Because it’s not too dissimilar to when in business, we recognise the amount of hard work, dedication and… Read More

$3 billion dollars processed

In late September 2011, we notched up a big milestone.  We surpassed the $2 billion mark with the total amount of payroll processed by SmartPayroll.  We were quite an excited team and duly celebrated with a few drinks and pats on the back. Well, that only felt like yesterday. … Read More

A few payroll photos

We were so excited that our recent payroll workshops had gone so well we wanted to share a few photos with you.  In these pictures alone we had over 50 attendees in the room. Remember if you have any more questions for us you can… Read More

Feeling under the weather?

Last week we mentioned that winter is setting in, and with that comes illness.  Unfortunately it seems to spread around offices especially like wildfire. But as much as you want to stay in bed with your tissues and Vicks, the payroll still needs to be done.  It doesn’t have… Read More