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The last mad dash till summer

With the sun starting to shine, the BBQ’s getting a dust off and everyone’s pasty legs starting to see the light of day, it can mean only one thing.  Summer.  With holidays well on their way and Christmas sneaking up on everyone, the team at SmartPayroll are frantically busy.  With… Read More

Times are changing

With new, online technology hitting the market, more and more business owners are confronted with sticking with what they know or cutting the strings and trying something better. This is exactly the same for business payroll solutions.  What has been typically run by time consuming manual systems or software that… Read More

SmartPayroll’s free payroll courses

We want to thank Westpac for allowing us to use their new business hub in Christchurch to run a FREE payroll course for Christchurch business owners last Friday.  It was a huge success and from the feedback we received, very helpful to Christchurch employers.  We’ve run these courses in the… Read More